above photo: Bill T. Miller

"And as if that wasn't enough he then pulled out this weird trumpet thing called the Horninator which was more akin to a William Burroughs style hallucination than an instrument..." -ProperTop.com

"...but before we have time to pick up our jaws from the floor where they lay writhing, Thomas breaks out his Hornicator! This is an old Victrola gramophone horn with various eccentric additions that squeak, fart and twang what is normally put through effects. It's pretty mesmerising..." - Dagbert Beaver, Noiseculture.com

See other photos of the Hornicator on the pictures page.

To be truly and properly Hornicated, a live show is a must. However, you can hear an excerpt from a song from the Full Moon Over Wowtown CD which features it if you visit the Recordings page.



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